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7 Episodes

Play for Kids is designed to meet the relaxation and stress reduction needs for all age groups and attention spans. Programs are accompanied by the naturally occurring sounds for a fully immersive experience. This series was developed in conjunction with Nemours duPont Hospital for Children.

  • A Journey Around the Globe for Kids

    Episode 1

    Spectacular views from across the globe including underwater reefs in the Philippines, penguins in Argentina, the Ice City of Harbin China, the Panama Canal, Millennium Park in Chicago, Aruba, Oregon Cattle Ranch, Glass Fish, the Panama Rain Forest , Hacienda Temozon in Mexico, Shibuya Crossing i...

  • A World Tour for Kids

    Episode 2

    Spectacular views from around the world including river fly fishing, cityscapes, hot-air balloons, waterfalls, rivers and beaches, trains and railways, the Chinese Ice Festival, Palm Springs windmills, fireworks, the Panama Canal, Tumalo Falls in Oregon, Caceres Reef, The Ledge in Chicago, Yangtz...

  • The American Flag for Kids

    Episode 3

    The American flag proudly waves atop Chimney Rock, a 315-foot (96 m) granite monolith, with views of Chimney Rock Park and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Some of North Carolina's most dramatic mountain scenery is found at Chimney Rock State Park, with the signature 315-foot spire overlooking H...

  • Soothing Sights and Sounds for Kids

    Episode 4

    Relaxing and engaging videos for children of all ages. Families can relax to sights including the Chinese Ice Festival, desert windmills, lighthouses, butterflies and flowers, Venice gondolas, swimming with fish and other relaxing sights from around the world.

  • A Trip Under the Sea for Kids

    Episode 5

    Explore the vibrant underwater world of Palau. Experience some of the planet's most amazing natural wonders including gardens of coral just beneath the clearest waters to "sting-less" jellyfish and underwater caves. A soothing video postcard with no narration or music — simply the natural sounds ...

  • Jungle Waterfalls for Kids

    Episode 6

    Relax with beautiful jungle waterfalls recorded on location in South America with natural occurring sounds. Great for an escape to a fantasy world.

  • Soothing Sights and Sounds for Kids PREVIEW

    Episode 7